Landlord Agreement Form

A Residential Property Landlord Consent Agreement is a service offered by Berkeley Electric Cooperative, Inc. (“Berkeley Electric”), to landlords for residential properties only.  The purpose of this agreement is to aid the landlord in protecting their property from problems that might arise from the lapse of power.  When a landlord consent agreement is in effect on an account and a tenant requests disconnection of electricity, the service is immediately transferred into the name of the landlord.  The landlord will pay the electric bill until the account is transferred to a new or different tenant.  As the landlord, you agree to the following:

  • The landlord is responsible for all bills until the service is changed into the new tenant’s name.
  • The landlord must inform Berkeley Electric if the tenant(s) moves out of the property, listed below, without prior notice to Berkeley Electric.
  • The landlord will maintain a current phone number and mailing address with Berkeley Electric.
  • Overdue payments can result in the termination of all landlord consent agreements. If the landlord has a past due amount on any account, Berkeley Electric reserves the right to cancel all landlord agreements without notice.
  • In the event that the premises are vacated or service is disconnected, Berkeley Electric is not responsible for damages to the premises because of the premises not receiving electrical service.
  • No guarantee is made that the service will not be disconnected upon a renter’s request except that Berkeley Electric will make every effort to grant requests for automatic reinstatement.
  • It will be necessary for the landlord to advise Berkeley Electric if the property is sold. Without Berkeley Electric being notified, service could be placed into the former owner’s name, resulting in additional charges.

**Important Exclusion: Automatic Reinstatement will only apply if the tenant’s account with Berkeley Electric is current.  If the tenant is delinquent in payment for electric service, Berkeley Electric’s policies will apply and service may be disconnected for nonpayment.  If the location is disconnected for nonpayment, the landlord will need to request a reconnection of the service.


To set up a landlord agreement, complete the attached form and return via email to

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