How do you decide who gets power restored first?

The outage restoration process begins at the substation, where power feeds into Berkeley Electric’s system. After any necessary repairs have been made, crews work on remaining outages and correct the trouble, beginning with areas serving the greatest number of members and continuing until electricity is restored to each member’s home.

If you see a Berkeley Electric service crew passing but not stopping, it is because work must first be performed at a nearby location or device before electric service can be restored to your home. Following the outage restoration process ensures all members have their power restored as quickly and safely as possible.

On occasion, your neighbor may have power while you don't at your house. There are a couple of reasons this could happen. Remember to check for a tripped breaker or other electrical problem to rule out an outage caused by something in your home. There may also be damage to the individual line connected to your home. It is also possible that your neighbor is receiving their electricity from a different power line or substation.

Please be aware that if there is damage to the weatherhead on your home (the point where the power line connects to your house) that it is the member's responsibility to have it repaired. In most cases, Berkeley Electric will not be able to restore power to your home until the weatherhead is repaired and inspected.


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