Community Solar

You can now go solar without installing panels on your property!

Our community solar garden lets you share in the benefits of solar power, even if you can't install panels on your property because you need a new roof or because of neighborhood restrictions.

Solar communities are groups of solar panels installed at one location. They offer you a solar energy option. This means you get a credit on your bill for the solar energy generated without needing to have equipment attached to your home.

So why go Community Solar?

  • It’s hassle free. No holes in your roof.
  • No system to set up and maintain.
  • The co-op assumes all liabilities and maintenance of the solar system.
  • No burdensome homeowner association restrictions.
  • Subscriptions are transferable.
  • Community Solar creates clean energy that’s environmentally friendly.

Our first solar garden is located at our Strawberry substation on Cypress Gardens Road in Moncks Corner. Participating members will be credited with a portion of the output from the solar garden based on the number of panels leased which will be applied toward their monthly electric usage. Our second community solar garden will feature canopy-mounted solar panels on covered parking at our Awendaw district office.

(Our community solar program is currently fully leased. Please check with the program administrator about availability.)

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