Renewable Surplus Rate Rider

Please be aware that an Interconnection Application must be completed and submitted before any solar system can be installed. Members interested in installing a solar PV system need to complete all of the following steps:

Berkeley Electric Cooperative Renewable Surplus Rider is available for Residential (up to 20 kWAC) and Small Commercial accounts (up to 100 kWAC) (BEC transformer <100 kVa). It is only available to non-demand billed rates and non-time of day rate. Large accounts (>100 kVa) may install bigger systems and use to lower their purchased kWh and no value for surplus power. We can help with custom sizing with hourly kWh use info, to help you get maximum use from your PV system.

  1. Residential/Commercial: Renewable Surplus rider allows our members to install alternative energy sources, like solar PV up to their maximum monthly kW use (not to exceed 20 kW Residential, Commercial max 100 kW). Size limited to annual kWh use divided by 1,800 for kW AC size or average monthly/150. Any kWh generated back to Berkeley Electric Cooperative will be credited at 5.56 cents per kWh, with this price update each year on/or about March 1st.
  2. Members remaining on Net Metering: On June 1st of each year the bank is reduced to zero (0). Berkeley Electric recommends all Net Metering members paying the $5 per kWAC solar fee to notify us if they would like to move to the Renewable Surplus Generation Rider. This would allow them to avoid paying the $5 per kW and get 5.56 cents per kWh credit for any surplus generated energy. Credit balances will be carried over to the next month.
  3. Available on Residential RS, General Service <100 kVa transformer service, non-demand billed. Not available for Time of Day rates. The monthly service charge is the same for all rate payers and not affected by being on the Net Metering rider or Renewable Surplus rider program.

Please note: Berkeley closed the previous Net Metering Rider to new solar PV systems once the new Renewable Surplus rider went into effect June 2019. Members grandfathered in on the previous Net Metering Rider will have the option to move over the Renewable Surplus rider or remain on the Net Metering Rider until it closes at the end of 2024. Members on the existing Bi-directional Metering and NOT getting value for Surplus will be moved over to the Renewable Surplus Rider. This rider has a maximum connected system kW Renewable of 2% of our system maximum kW.


Rate vs. solar production evaluation: Contact Tim Swicord for details about our Net Metering or Bi-Directional rate and the expected member savings per month.  Residential and small commercial. or direct (843) 899-8406.

For Interconnection Application & Information:   Tameka Palmer (843) 899-8433 / Tim Swicord (843) 899-8406 or 

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