General Solar Interconnection Information

Berkeley Electric Cooperative supports a balanced mix of resources for generating power that utilizes both traditional means of power generation as well as emerging renewable technologies such as solar power and landfill gas generation from our Green Power program. Additionally, hundreds of Berkeley Electric members are participating in our rooftop solar program and have installed 50% more solar panels than can be found in the entire Colleton Solar Farm in Walterboro - which houses over 10,000 panels. If you have questions about solar power for your home or small business, please contact The Energy ExpertsTM at Berkeley Electric or visit MySolarSC.

Before installing a solar system

The first step to a successful solar system is ensuring that your home is energy efficient. Berkeley Electric Cooperative offers free online and in-home energy audits to help improve the comfort and efficiency of your home. Berkeley Electric also recommends that members consult with us for a free evaluation of the projected value of their proposed solar PV system prior to installation.

Member advisory

Please be aware that Berkeley Electric Cooperative does not sell or install solar PV systems nor do we partner with any solar installation companies. These companies are independent businesses selling directly to members and do not represent Berkeley Electric in any capacity. The cooperative maintains a list of professional solar installers, available upon request.  


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