Automatic Payments from a Credit Card

Payments can be automatically charged to your credit card for the amount of your monthly electric bill up to $1,000.  Payments are charged on the due date each month so they are made on time, every time.

Please note that accounts must have a ZERO balance before setting up credit card draft.

To sign up for credit card draft, please log into our Smarthub payment portal and go to the Billing & Payments menu and select Auto Pay program.


Click Sign Up for Auto Pay.


If the card you want to use is already saved on your SmartHub account as a stored payment method, you can select it under the Use Existing option.  If you need to add a new card, you'll select Card under Add New.


Read the Terms & Conditions and click Accept to move forward.


Fill in your financial information and click Continue to move forward.


After clicking Continue, you will receive a confirmation message that the draft has been set up.

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