How do I add someone to my account?

Current state law allows joint memberships to be held by legally married couples, specifically "husband and wife."  To add your spouse to your account, please complete the electronic form below.  Be prepared to upload copies of government-issued photo identification and a copy of the marriage license.  The following conditions must be met prior to converting the account from a single account to a joint account:

  • The person being added to the account MUST be a legal spouse (not common-law).
  • The person being added cannot be a joint member on any other BEC account (like with an ex-spouse).
    • If the person being added has active BEC accounts in their own name, they must all be consolidated under the new joint account.  
  • Both parties must agree to make the account joint, since both become financially responsible once it's a joint account.

If you are unable to locate your marriage license, you can complete the Affidavit of Marriage found here.  Please be advised - the Affidavit of Marriage MUST be notarized.


At this time, we are legally unable to add any other relation (wife/wife, husband/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance, child, roommate, etc) as a joint member. If you would like to add a person as an authorized contact instead, please complete the form here.  Be prepared to upload copies of photo identification for all parties. An authorized contact person will be able to update telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, SmartHub passwords, mailing addresses, and be able to make payments and payment arrangements.  They will not be able to change the status of an account or add any additional accounts.

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