Operation Round Up®

"Small change that changes lives" is the foundation on which the Operation Round Up® program was built. Members who agree to participate allow Berkeley Electric Cooperative to “round up” their monthly electric bill to the next highest dollar. For example, a bill of $55.75 would be rounded up to $56.00 with the additional $0.25 going to the Operation Round Up® fund. Collectively, your generosity equates to about $40,000 a month to aid those in need. More than $1.8 million has been awarded locally since 2014.

All Operation Round Up®funds stay right here in the Lowcountry. Guidelines for awarding this money address needs such as home repairs and other community services.

How much can I expect to contribute each year?

The amount "rounded-up" on each participating customer's bill averages a total of $6 per year. The monthly billing statement shows how much is being donated each month, along with a year-end statement. The amount contributed to Operation Round Up® is tax-deductible as tax laws permit.

Member Participation

Operation Round Up® is an opt-out program with all Berkeley Electric Cooperative members being automatically enrolled when they become a member. Members can opt out at any time by simply contacting their local district office.


Operation Round Up® only provides funding for certain projects. For a list of qualifying and non-qualifying projects covered by the program, please click here.

To Apply

Operation Round Up® funds are available for both individuals and organizations. To apply for individual aid please complete the application below or contact your local district office for a hard copy of the application. Organizations can complete the application below or contact their local district office for a copy of the appropriate application.

Individual Application

Organization Application

Board Members

This fund is administered by the Berkeley Electric Cooperative Trust, a board of volunteer directors made up of community leaders from the three counties served by the Cooperative.

District 1 Queen Wilson
District 2 Barbara Singleton
District 3 William Jones
District 4 Alton Rudy Hood, Chairman
District 5 Gislaine Jenkins
District 6 LaTonia Brothers, Secretary
District 7 James Donald Graham, Vice Chairman
District 8 William Smoak
District 9 Samuel Brownlee, Treasurer
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