Outdoor Lighting Styles

Berkeley Electric Cooperative offers a variety of highly-efficient LED lighting choices to fit your residential or commercial needs.

Please contact your local district office for current pricing and options.


Manufacturer Type Approx. Watts Approx. Lumens HID Equivalent Wattage Style
American Electric Security 53 6,000 100/150 blobid0.png
American Electric Shoebox Micro 20 2,500 50 blobid1.png
American Electric Shoebox & Cobra 88/133 11,500/16,500 250/400 blobid2.png
Cooper Shoebox Specialty 113/333 12,500/36,000 250/100 blobid3.png
American Electric Flood 154/388 22,500/53,500 400/100 blobid4.png
American Electric Post-Top Colonial 64 7,000 100/150 blobid5.png
American Electric Post-Top Acorn 60 7,000 100/150 blobid6.png
Cooper Post-Top Mesa 75 8,000 100/150 blobid7.png
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