Green Power

From the mountains to the sea, Green Power is electricity generated by renewable resources like solar, wind, and decomposing garbage in selected landfills. It is offered by Berkeley Electric Cooperative, in partnership with Santee Cooper, to help protect our state's natural resources.


What is Green Power?

Our Green Power helps preserve the environment, reduces demand on our non-renewable natural resources, and increases our energy independence. Green Power is Green-e Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at

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Berkeley Electric Cooperative also has two Green Power Solar School demonstration projects generating power. Green Power Solar Schools are funded by money collected through Green Power sales.

For full details on the Green Power program, visit

Click here for the Product Content Label and here for the Price, Terms and Conditions of the Green Power program.


Buy Green Power!

Because Green Power generation is typically more expensive than traditional sources of electricity, Berkeley Electric offers customers the opportunity to voluntarily support renewable power growth through their monthly electric bills.

Customers can purchase blocks of Green Power each month, and we reinvest that Green Power revenue into new or expanded sources of renewable energy. Residential customers can buy as little as 100 kWh for $3 per month and additional 100-kWh blocks for $3 each. Commercial customers can purchase 200 kWh blocks for $6 each.

If you are interested in purchasing Green Power block(s), please contact one of our local district offices.

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